Monday, March 29, 2010


So sorry I'm not posting. Not that there's anything NOT to talk about. Rebecca having twins. Emmie Easterwood's arrival. House on the market again. Dad's big screen planted above the fireplace. He keeps saying Mom would have thought it looked good. Yeah, I'm gonna go with no she wouldn't.

But I'm just really trying to keep it together. Still not sleeping well. Trying all the over the counter sleep aids. The prescription ones make me too loopy. And not cry all the time.

But things will get better. God is Good. I have to keep telling myself that. He is Faithful. And He knows what I need better than I know myself.

So I'm just plugging along. Doing life. Crying some. Trying to sleep some. Not really wanting to blog. But I promise I'll get better. There's lots of new little ones around. And birthday time.

And my favorite from last week:

No, not that. It's Sinus. Or was supposed to be. That's what a patient wrote why he came in. First time for that spelling.

And my new patient last week. Whose favorite word was 'honestly.' As in, "Honestly, I usually don't have that big of a poop." (That was my favorite use of the word.) So, of course, we are all saying it now. Honestly.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Got some awesome news today--the lawsuit is offically over.

God is Good.

All the Time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I'm taking care of Dad's dogs this week. Let me just say 4 is WAAAYY too many. Any whoo--I found some rawhide rolls for the Springers. They chewed them for 45 min last night before I took them away--and then gave them back to them tonight. What a great treat! The usual bone lasts about 30 minutes.

So here's my night--Reagan and Rusty growling at each other while chewing their bones. Bella chews her bone for a couple of minutes, then has to run through the rest of the dogs and growl at them and then goes back under the dining room table. Repeat about every 4-5 minutes. Bentley 'guards' his bone until the other dogs are finished with theirs and then eats his. It's quite humorous.

Reagan likes to play ball, but I'm behind on my notes so I didn't throw the ball enough for her tonight, I guess. About 15 minutes ago she came in and barked at me and then walked into her crate. I think I just got flipped off, the dog-way.

It's hard not to laugh at them. Because soon Rusty will come out of my bedroom with my dirty underwear on his head or he's tossing it in the air and catching it. But it does make my underwear 'vented' or 'airy.'

Wish I would have gotten some pics or video . . .

Sunday, March 7, 2010

nothing to report

I've been told I need to get back to blogging. But I really don't have anything to say. Well, besides my mom dying.

I'm beginning to feel like Phoebe from FRIENDS, who constantly brings up the death of her mother. Like when they are chosing maid-of-honor for Monica's wedding, Phoebe's excuse is that her mom committed suicide when she was 15 so she should get to be the maid-of honor. I actually have used the excuse. Someone asked if I wanted to help clean up the kitchen at work. I told them, "No thank you, my mom just died." It tends to work. Except on my sister. We were looking for something at a baby boutique and couldn't find it so I mentioned that we should probably ask. She asked me if I wanted to do it. My response, "No thanks, my mom just died yesterday." She told me she was going to punch me in the face and then told me her mom just died too. I told her I was sooooo sorry to hear that. I did make her smile though.

So, life is moving on. It's wierd though. It really didn't hit until I got back to Bixby. It's funny how I look around my house and see my mom.

The thing I'm dreading? Going through her closet. Dad really wants Laura and I to go through it so we can give it to people who really need the clothes. It's just that her clothes are so personal. That and they smell like her. I'm keeping the jewelry and the purses. Too bad I don't wear a size 7 1/2 shoe.

So this is going to be my only poor me blog. I don't want to turn this into grief therapy. But I don't want people to think I'm moving on without her. She's with me everyday. I really do miss her. But I'm so glad I'm going to see her again. I just tell myself she's making curtains for my heavenly home. That and keeping track of my thank you notes.